CDs scratch easily, damaging their contents. I like copying files by dragging them bewteen tabs in Konqueror, but it aborts the copying if there are any errors. Somehow, sometimes, playback is unaffected by these errors, so I use ddrescue to recover as much data as possible from these files:

$ TITLE="File's Name" $ ddrescue "/media/cdrom/$TITLE" "$TITLE" "$TITLE.ddrescue-logfile" Press Ctrl-C to interrupt Initial status (read from logfile) rescued: 0 B, errsize: 0 B, errors: 0 Current status rescued: 812920 kB, errsize: 77824 B, current rate: 0 B/s ipos: 543882 kB, errors: 156, average rate: 3162 kB/s opos: 543882 kB

(File's name, typically a movie title, may contain spaces, thus the quoting.)

If it takes too long and I need to interrupt the copying, it can be resumed by simply repeating it. The log file records what's been copied already.

Could be nice if KDE's (Konqueror?) copying offered to do the same — when errors are encountered?



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