Remote access

How to work while away from home?

Three levels of access, from opaque to transparent:

  1. Access to files, but not applications
  2. Remote login, so can run applications
  3. Screen capture

Access to files

  1. Read-only: eg, access to my music collection.
    1. Kpf: quickest and easiest(?) (within KDE) to set up. Con: provides no access control; no command-line interface (CLI), so can't start through SSH?
  2. R/W: easiest (on client side) is through HTTP(S) or FTP(S), otherwise SSH (scp, WinSCP…).
    1. Light servers? Quick setup?
    2. WinSCP's interface is over-complicated; doesn't display Unicode characters in file names.
  3. Random access, ie, transparent access into files: eg, KIOSlaves (fish, http, WebDAV…), FUSE (SSHFS…).
    1. KIOSlaves: KDE tools I use (Kate, Konqueror) accept URLs instead of paths to files. Fantastic!
      1. Pro: work with remote storage transparently; con: need enabled tools (ie, KIOSlaves support), duplicated environment (possibly distinct, so configuration not shared).
      2. Live CD: my favorite tools (though need to re-configure); nearly transparent workflow.
    2. FUSE-based: HTTPFS, SSHFS…

Remote login (files and applications, but CLI only): SSH (PuTTY)

Screen capture? (VNC, RDP, NX, X/SSH?…)



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