WordPress: "Error saving media attachment"

Why such a useless error message? No explanation? Why can't fix itself? Why does a HTTP redirect?

(Using WordPress 3.0.1.)

Where's the code that generated the error?

  1. In lieu of debugging tools, I resorted to reading the code ;o).
  2. Assuming message isn't a translation, I can search:$ grep --recursive "Error saving" . ./wp-admin/upload.php:$messages[3] = __('Error saving media attachment.');
  3. Upload form rendered by: ./wp-admin/media-new.php → includes media-upload.php → renders a form (line 73) or calls one of the many media_upload_* actions in ./wp-admin/includes/media.php.
  4. All(?) these forms submitted to media-upload.php, with different query parameters
    1. → if "inline", calls (line 39) media_handle_upload("async-upload")
    2. → calls (media.php:95) wp_handle_upload (defined in ./wp-admin/includes/file.php:239)
    3. → which I guess returns an error (return array('error'=>$message);)
    4. → then media_handle_upload returns new WP_Error('upload_error',$file['error']) to media-upload.php
    5. → eventually calling (line 54) wp_redirect(admin_url('upload.php?message=3')), thereby losing the error details?!
  5. wp_handle_upload (./wp-admin/includes/file.php:239) triggers apply_filters('wp_handle_upload_prefilter',$file).
    1. Grep finds only one (built-in) such filter:./wp-admin/includes/ms.php:44:add_filter( 'wp_handle_upload_prefilter', 'check_upload_size' );

      check_upload_size is defined in line 18.

      Hmm, but I have php_value upload_max_filesize 12M, and it was just a small image…

  6. file.php:330 calls wp_upload_dir → defined in ./wp-includes/functions.php:2123 → calls wp_mkdir_p (line 2178), which I guess is failing.

Cause and effect?

Allowing WP to create the "uploads" subdirectory, with permissions 0775, owned by www-data:www-data, this:

$ sudo chmod 0775 /var/www/$SITE/wp-content/ $ sudo chgrp www-data /var/www/$SITE/wp-content/

solves just one problem, ie, prevents the error.

Persistent, fundamental, failure

But the real problem runs much deeper.

  1. A Google search turns up 47K hits, dating from as early as 2009. It's 2011-02 now. Enough time, no?
  2. Why the HTTP redirect?
  3. Without the HTTP redirect, the error message still confuses most users:sprintf( __( 'Unable to create directory %s. Is its parent directory writable by the server?' ), $uploads['path'] )
  4. Is the file system permissions issue so fundamental that it can't be solved once and for all?
  5. Why wasn't WP's handling of this issue improved: the error reporting, diagnostics, automation of the solution(s)… Ultimately, make it disappear.
  6. What would it take? Why is the process failing? Or is it? How to improve?



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