1. Data communications: an introduction.
  2. Internet protocol (IP)
  3. Data link (OSI layer 2): connection, ED&C, multi-point…
  4. Network (OSI layer 3): packet switching, routing, X.25, frame relay, ATM…
  5. Sockets API
  6. Security
  7. PPP...
  8. LAN
  9. Linux


Materials to add:

  1. Data communications
    1. Fundamental concepts: analog vs digital, signal vs noise, circuit vs packet-switching, latency, throughput, bandwidth…
    2. Standards: ISO, CCITT/ITU, IEEE, EIA?, Internet Society/IETF… historical coverage? Future trends? Smart mobs?
    3. LAN technologies: topologies, Ethernet, Tokenring, hubs, FDDI… survey existing hardware technologies, typical equipment, etc.
    4. WAN and internetworking: physical layer, modems, multiplexing, repeaters, bridges, routers, gateways… advanced WAN design?
    5. Physical layer — OSI layer 1
  2. Security: scanning, sniffing, fingerprinting, firewall, DMZ, SSL/TLS…
  3. Resources (bibliography): …

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