Web 2.0: technological trends

  1. Hosted services
  2. CSS (user stylesheets, hacking with GreaseMonkey et al…)
  3. JavaScript, esp AJAX
  4. Web services APIs: REST, open APIs.
  5. Valid standard markup
  6. Design: rounded corners. (Incidental, insubstantial.)
  7. Semantic Web?
  8. Platform: the Web had become a platform.
    1. "O'Reilly considers that Eric Schmidt's abridged slogan, fight the Internet, encompasses the essence of Web 2.0: building applications and services around the unique features of the Internet, as opposed to expecting the Internet to suit as a platform (effectively "fighting the Internet")."
    2. Software above level of a single device.
    3. Lots of software components available
    4. Network of networks: mobile, music, video, communications… — all joining Web.
    5. Data lock-in: similar to vendor (eg, hardware) lock-in. Software API (lock-in) no longer give leverage.
    6. Architecture: database back-end, Web services API (eg, CDDB), rich client front-end, mobile device support, Rendezvous, not yet collaborative, no "architecture of participation".
  9. Mashups and syndication



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