Mobile Web Unconference

Monday 2011-01-03 saw some 60 (mostly new) faces gather at The Hub Tel-Aviv for a Mobile Web unconference [also FB] orchestrated by Eyal. After his superb presentation on best practices we hacked on code and discussed project ideas in smaller groups. Was great! (Even Ronny says. ;o)

One group wrote a funny mobile Web app from scratch, complete with CSS3 animations, JavaScript, using interesting Web development and collaboration tools… all that jazz, and deployed it publicly!

My group (Nir, Oz, Uzi, Dima, Itay, Uri…) planned a study of jQuery related topics. Fascinating discussions, about everything, and, as usual, lots of buzzwords: jQTouch, Zepto.js, XUI


Now, how do we proceed?

  1. Community development
  2. Study projects


  1. Event
    1. Conference conclusion
    2. Conference organization “Wiki” on Google Docs
  2. jQuery & mobile Web
    1. Search for Delicious bookmarks: ~2,500 results.

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