Publishing My Bookmarks

I want to publish bookmarks. Not so much individually, but more in collections, and tagged, to accompany blog posts, eg as bibliography.


  1. Data model: URL (etc), commentary (rich text), tags, timestamp(s), draft flag.
  2. Scalability (from a UX perspective, so probably a client side issue just as well).
  3. Import (and export?) from Firefox, Konqueror, Chromium.
  4. Search (full text, including URL)

Use WP’s blogroll, CPTs, or what?

  1. Blogroll (aka links) additions don’t show up in the loop, like custom post types (CPTs). And then there’s also a “link” post format? Anyway, a dedicated shortcode would give me flexibility.
  2. And the blogroll’s DB schema (table wp_links) seems more appropriate. Though I could replicate it as custom field(s). Serialized PHP objects versus SQL? I hate SQL (obsolete paradigm, as old as I am), prefer dynamic (duck) typing. But, a separate table/entity feels cleaner…
  3. Or Delicious?!


  1. Konqueror’s kept in ~/.kde/share/apps/konqueror/bookmarks.xml; simple enough structure; favicons in separate PNG files.
  2. Firefox’s maybe in an SQLite DB; addon bookmarksbackups converts them to JSON; includes description, but not favicons. Can manually save as HTML?
  3. Chromium’s are in ~/.config/chromium/Default/Bookmarks, in JSON; simple; no favicons.
  4. How to import each of these into WP?


  1. Separate from posts’ tagging?
  2. Hierarchical? Tagging, as in folksonomy (Web 2.0), is far superior to (strictly hierarchical, tree) categorizing, but, eg, how to distinguish between “WP › performance” and “JS › performance”? Do I want to? Yes.


Rendering (UI/UX)


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