LiquidFeedback Installation Woes

I’m trying to troubleshoot an installation of LiquidFeedback (LF) on a VPS for, hmm, the Israeli Pirate Party? Anyway, aiming to DTSTTCPW, but the process is (quite) a bit ugly, so I needed a place to document stuff…

  1. We’re on a VPS provided by GPLHost, running Debian.
  2. LF provides installation instructions. Shuki, the sysadmin, did everything already.
  3. But, the instructions are broken/incomplete:
    Start sending of event notifications: (TODO: daemonize)
    cd /opt/liquid_feedback_frontend/
    echo "Event:send_notifications_loop()" | ../webmcp/bin/webmcp_shell myconfig

    neglects to say webmcp_shell must be run as user www-data, not root, or else:

    lua: /opt/liquid_feedback_frontend/config/init.lua:46: FATAL:  Ident authentication failed for user "root"
  4. And the “TODO” note? Yes, this script never returns. Daemonize it already, please, someone?
  5. Googling… meh.
  6. Note the Canadians use Apache/CGI and seem to have neither of these problems. The Germans do use Lighty, but don’t mention this WebMCP “Event:send_notifications_loop()” daemon? Foo?
  7. And after that, they say, restart the webserver:
    /etc/init.d/lighttpd restart

    Smells like trouble. But, nu.

  8. Should I write to the (unsearchable!) mailing list to complain? The issue tracking system it seems only deals with code.
  9. Starting web server: lighttpd2012-07-12 00:11:27: (plugin.c.131) Cannot load plugin mod_redirect more than once, please fix your config (we may not accept such configs in future releases

    [sic] Fixed by commenting it out in /etc/lighttpd/conf-enabled/60-liquidfeedback.conf.

  10. Lighty wasn’t configured for virtual hosting, so, for now, site is reachable at All of LF’s URLs seem prefixed with /lf/, but still, that’s not how things ought to be done.

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