Google Drive Hackathon TLV 2012-09-05

At Google’s Drive hackathon, trying to wrap my head around what Drive is… and what can I do with it.


  1. Prima facie, seems Drive means 3rd party apps (content handlers, eg editors) for documents in Google Docs, for existing and new content types.
  2. So there’s a RESTful API for external apps, and rudimentary integration into (what used to be) Docs’s UI, and Chrome’s (and Android’s?) Web stores — soon to be consolidated into Google Play. Phew!


  1. Google brought us inspiring mentors: Nicolas GarnierNick ButcherRich Hyndman,…


  1. Booktrunk
  2. DriveFreezer: scrape everything that’s starred and exportable to HTML and create a static site.
  3. DrivePress: publish (sync?) documents to WordPress blogs.
  4. FaceWiki: scrape FB groups threads into documents.


  1. Add to the Docs menu a “publish” operation using Apps Script?


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