Crazy mess! Way too many.

Looking for a Lightbox clone — specifically a jQuery plugin that pops a slider in a modal “overlay”/dialog, and hopefully a WordPress plugin that integrates it with how media is (best) managed in WP.

But, I’d also want to use it without the modal overlay, just the slideshow: many of the requirements overlap.

(aka: slideshow, gallery, carousel…)

Required features

  1. Lazy loading and preloading
  2. Use WP’s media library
    1. Always give users freedom to upload and replace images.
    2. Need to tell WP to automatically resize uploads to necessary dimensions, including thumbnails.
    3. How to select images per gallery/slider? Manually? By tags? Attachments to posts?
  3. Multiple instances on same page
  4. WP integration: as widget, shortcode, or “hardcoded” in PHP templates.
  5. Modal overlay (aka lightbox): to show full resolution image, or uncropped if distinct aspect ratio, but shrink to fit screen; pop as slider, ie with navigation controls.
  6. Thumbnails, captions
  7. Optional navigation controls: arrows or bullets, paging or scrollbar, keyboard shortcuts.
  8. Usability: pause slideshow on hover, etc.
  9. Stylizable/themeable
  10. Hyperlink slides
  11. Content sliders — not just images?
  12. CSS background-image so can superimpose text, other content?
  13. Responsive (ems, resizing, media queries)?
  14. Transitions?
  15. Progressive enhancement? For portability and future proofing?
  16. Mouse wheel scrolling, touch (eg, swipe)…
  17. SEO (and Semantic Web)?
  18. Cacheability


  1. Lightbox 2 (GitHub)
  2. Colorbox (GitHub)
  3. FancyboxfancyBox 2 (GitHub, Google Group)
  4. GreyBox
  5. jQuery Lightbox — several with same name?
  6. Lytebox
  7. prettyPhoto
  8. Simple Lightbox
  9. Slimbox 2 (Google Code)
  10. Thickbox

… and, no end in sight: Shutter Reloaded, LightWindow, Floatbox, FancyZoom…

(Only paying attention to open source projects, for obvious reasons: quality, security, morality, diversity, modifiability… So stay away from LightviewShadowbox, and their ilk.)


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