Grief From Check Point’s VPN Thingy

Sure, I’m into disruptive technologies, but, apparently, introducing Linux into a highlow-tech corporation gives the word new meaning. CP’s annoying login thing had us chasing our tails, replacing OpenJDK with Oracle’s (WTF?), running all sorts of scripts as root, etc, ad nauseum.

Here’s closed source for you. It’s hard to even estimate the number of hours we’ve wasted struggling with it. Ended up just moving that database off of the virtualized subnet. Now everything “just works”.

I don’t even understand what the stupid thing does(n’t do) that can’t be done with HTTPS (or SSH?!), LDAP, certificates… standard stuff. And who in their right (corporate) mind entrusts their security to such low quality software?

We’re crazy busy with development, both Web (Rails, Kendo UI), and integration of multiple legacy systems, so we’ve no time to waste on essentially straightforward IT aspects… Nu. The lesson, at least?

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