Notes towards a project…


  1. Greasemonkey script to convert Facebook groups into useful knowledge tools, and collaboration tools.
  2. Add features: archiving, tagging, collaborative editing (Wiki), workflows, WYSIWYG…
  3. Improve signal-to-noise.

RFP, MVP, bla

  1. Archive (sync) group posts to another site, WordPress or Node.js based (because I like them ;o). Or maybe Google Drive?
  2. Tagging: folksonomies; see Web 2.0.
  3. Wiki
  4. WYSIWYG: code embedding (with syntax highlighting ;o), clean hypertext links, etc.

Workflows (usecases)

  1. FAQs: find answers in archives, link to, and generally get them out of the way.
  2. Wiki — ThreadedMode to DocumentMode
  3. Moderation: karma system, eg like Slashdot’s.


  1. Data model? Posts and comments, same as in WordPress?
  2. Performance (AJAX)?


  1. AJAX without SOP limitations
  2. jQuery? Or Sizzle, Zepto?
  3. CoffeeScript
    1. No built-in support… yet. But, some workarounds?
  4. Updates?
  5. Packaging, installation?
  6. Configuration/settings?


  1. DOM
  2. Data model — selectors:
    1. Message UID: #mall_post_463225913747358.uiUnifiedStory.uiStreamStory.genericStreamStory.aid_850360601.aid_135673716502581.uiStreamNoBorderStory
    2. Message text: h5.uiStreamMessage.userContentWrapper span.messageBody span.userContent
    3. Message author
    4. Message timestamp: span.uiStreamSource abbr.ffixer-handled[data-utime=”1366314959″]
    5. Comment text: li[id=”.reactRoot[171].[1][4][1]{comment463225913747358_463505197052763}”].UFIRow.UFIComment.UFIUnseenItem div.UFIImageBlockContent div.UFICommentContent span[id=”.reactRoot[171].[1][4][1]{comment463225913747358_463505197052763}.0.[1].0.[1].0.[0].[0][2].0.[0]”]
    6. Comment permalink: a.uiLinkSubtle
    7. Comment timestamp: abbr.livetimestamp.ffixer-handled[data-utime=”1366368920″]
  3. AJAX?


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