Poor Man’s List Filter — Dissected

A quick-and-dirty list filter. Praise God (jeresig? ;o) for jQuery!

Sure, there are a gazillion plugins for this, that usually do too much, but anyway, here’s what so few lines of jQuery code can do…


<ol id="foo">
window.onload = function(){
	var $o = $("#foo");
	var $i = $('<input type="text" placeholder="Filter by">');
	$i.on("keyup", function(){
			var $t = $(this);
			$t.toggle(-1 != $t.text().search(new RegExp($i.val(), "gi")));


  1. window.onload: can’t use jQuery’s ready() because I’m loading it at the end of body, but DOM’s load event would work… unless jQuery is loaded asynchronously (AMD).
  2. #foo: should really have used a class instead of an ID, and generalized the code so it would work on any/all lists. Nu.
  3. $o=$("#foo"): saving the reference to a jQuery object wrapping the DOM element to avoid using a selector to search for it again.
  4. Prefixing the variable name with “$” to remind that it’s not just a DOM element, but a jQuery wrapper, thus can apply jQuery’s methods on it.
  5. $("<input>"): creating a detached DOM element.
  6. $i.on(): could’ve chained this method call, or even avoid the variable altogether, but, legibility?

    Or the other way around with insertBefore. jQuery’s chaining is beautiful, but it can be too much.

  7. on("keyup"): runs so fast (on a short list?) that it filters as I type. Otherwise, better UX would be to wait for me to stop/pause typing. Should be easy with setTimeout…
  8. JavaScript’s built-in String.search uses regular expressions, so search($i.val()) is case sensitive by default. Yuck.
  9. The input is inserted inside the ol, before the first li. Ugly! But I’m toggling that ol, like a tabbed view, so this conveniently hides the input with it. Nu.


  1. Generalize.
  2. Slow down and speed up: don’t run on each keypress, but only once per second, or less; don’t filter entire list at once — might choke, freeze the UI, because no reflows while scripts run. But, overkill?
  3. Live demo! jsFiddle?

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