LevelDB in Node: Resources

My “map” for the (scary and exciting, iconoclastic zeitgeist/post-modern) LevelDB/Node maze.

LevelUP: Node ecosystem

Key resources

  1. GitHub repo: rvagg/node-levelup (http://leveldb.io/ just points there.)
    1. Wiki
  2. Google Groups forum: node-levelup
  3. Links to articles and presentations: Resources


  1. LevelUP’s README: getting started and basic API: kind of useless if going to use wrappers, etc?

Ecosystem, NPM

  1. level: require this instead of both levelup and leveldown. Convenience. But, has issues, it seems? README lists key conspirators. ;o)
  2. List of modules — extensions and stuff — in Wiki.

Wrappers, generally

  1. Discussion/RFC for plugin pattern/API for level-* packages.


  1. multilevel: expose an LDB over network.
  2. level-party: transparently fallback to multilevel when LDB already in use.


Whatever for? Prevent key collisions? Low(er) level mechanism for other extensions?

  1. level-sublevel (GitHub, issues)
  2. (level-namespace: deprecated, obsolete.)

Indexing, queries, searching…

  1. level-search: index every property in LDB.
  2. level-queryengine, and related: fulltext-engine

Lots more…

LevelDB (C++ lib)

Essential resources

  1. leveldb — a fast and lightweight key/value database library by Google: Google Code project page
  2. Google Groups forum: leveldb
  3. Stack Overflow: questions tagged LevelDB


  1. Tuning: Optimizing for performance and scale: video lecture, uses Basho’s fork, recommends tweaking source.
  2. LMDB: competition and criticism.

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