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Angular has by now become my litmus test for stupidity (irrationality?). Anyone who uses it has either not bothered to study the criticism, or not understood it. Either way. And it’s being pimped by a bandwagon of mostly buzzword waiving HR slave traders. And stupid developers. I’ve yet to meet one who can reason.

And in its epidemic proportions, it’s pernicious to the industry, software engineering, humanity generally…


  1. The problem with Angular: PPK hits the nail.
    1. Angular is aimed at corporate IT departments rather than front-enders.
    2. Emulation of an [obsolete] HTML templating system that belongs on the server.
    3. Serious and fundamental performance issues [read: defects].
    4. Learning Angular the framework instead of how to solve problems in JavaScript.
  2. IHATEANGULAR.com collects criticism.
  3. You have ruined JavaScript: long winded rant slaughtering ng’s architecture. Bottom line: you’re doing it wrong. “Ditch this shit before it’s too late and learn how to write some actual fucking code.”
  4. A comparison of the two-way binding in AngularJS, EmberJS and KnockoutJS: low level analysis of performance. Bottom line: flawed architecture.
  5. Why you should not use AngularJS [badly written, but many valid arguments]: bottom line: too many flaws; ill-conceived architecture.
  6. 2 years with Angular: bottom line: “not good enough for professional web app development”. Detailed analysis: Angular: The Bad Parts.
  7. Think Twice (or Thrice) Before Using Angular
  8. Don’t React
  9. Why MEAN Doesn’t Work, But a Hapi “LEBRON” Does
  10. MVC is dead, it’s time to MOVE on
  11. rummelj/bindingjs
  12. vue.js
  13. Eskimo – rapidly create Node.js powered MVP’s
  14. What’s wrong with Angular.js
  15. Isomorphic JavaScript – The future of web app development
  16. Reactive TodoMVC – Google Groups
  17. A Scalable Approach to Page Transitions in AngularJS
  18. Data-binding Revolutions with Object.observe()
  19. Meteor vs Angular
  20. You Can’t Not Have a Framework
  21. Finding Patterns Across Front-end Frameworks (video)
  22. Este.js Todo MVC demo (GitHub)
  23. 10 Reasons Web Developers Should Learn AngularJS

Why is this happening?

  1. Herd mentality
  2. Cargo cult?
  3. Jevons paradox (increased efficiency causes increased consumption)?
  4. Evolution of consciousness (spiral dynamics, Chomsky)?



Grunt, Gulp, Yeoman, Hapi…

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