Peace, everyone!

I’m a serial entrepreneur, killer CTO. I build in weeks, instead of years, web app businesses that scale, perform, and excel. MVP is my middle name. “Time to market” is my first thought every morning.

I’ve been deploying with bleeding edge techs for a while: CoffeeScript, Socket.IO, LevelDB/UP, NPM, Flexbox, et cetera. I call this stack “Constitution”. Up on GitHub, real soon…

Been programming since 1980, on the Internet since 1983, WWW development since 1995, teaching and proselytising, too many programming languages, mainframes to embedded, sound synthesis to networking, soldering to sysadmin, lifecycle methodologies and an eye for graphic design…

[Forever, it seems, in the process of migrating this devlog from WordPress to something more “modern”, Node based?]


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