Cloud Native (Bookmarks)

“Cloud native”: emerging domains and ecosystems.

My bookmarks. Mess of. Publishing them to spur myself to… put in order (before everything we know becomes obsolete!).


Preface: how we got to “Cloud Native”.

  1. Hype driven development
  2. Kubernetes becoming standard
  3. Cloud Native Computing Foundation
  4. 14 Game Changing Database Trends for 2016 / Susan Hall, 2016-04-27
  5. From DevOps to DataOps / Jason Bailey, 2015-12-16
  6. Network Service Mesh Accepted into the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, 2019-05-02
  7. CNCF Cloud Native Interactive Landscape

Hype driven

Microservices, the architectural style/pattern more than other aspects. And related emerging ecosystem (separately?).

  1. It’s the future: Paul Biggar’s 2015-06-09 blog post made waves: excellently written satirical take on the hype surrounding containerization. Nice introduction to some issues involved, incidentally.
  2. How we ended up with microservices / Phil Calçado, 2015-09-08: analysis of the development process, lifecycle, not so much architecture, SOA, deployment aspects.
    1. Discussed on Reddit /r/programming: 2015-09-09
  3. The microservices cargo cult / Stavros Korokithakis, 2015-10-03
    1. Discussed on Reddit /r/programming: 2015-10-05
  4. The Seven Deadly Sins of Microservices (Redux)
    1. GOTO 2017 • The Seven (More) Deadly Sins of Microservices • Daniel Bryant (video)
  5. YAGNI, Cargo Cult and Overengineering – the Planes Won’t Land Just Because You Built a Runway in Your Backyard / Umer Mansoor, 2017-08-19: Don’t even consider microservices unless you have a system that’s too complex to manage as a monolith. [Martin Fowler]
  6. Does your company/system need similar solutions? Probably not…
  7. On monoliths, microservices and critical thinking, 2015-06-10: the pendulum swings back. What does it mean if public software engineering opinion flips 180 degrees in a matter of weeks?
  8. Etsy goes retro to scale big data

Kubernetes becoming standard

  1. Discussions on FB /groups/
    1. 2016-12-22: Kubernetes on AWS? Yes or no?
    2. 2017-02-14: cloud agnostic, K8s…
    3. 2017-02-21 (Hebrew): alternatives for Docker clusters management? Fleet, K8s, Swarm, Nomad…
  2. KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2018, Copenhagen: YouTube playlist, 347 videos
  3. CRDs (Custom Resource Definitions) as application building blocks [Hebrew] – YouTube
  4. Analysis of open source Kubernetes operators, 2019-03-21

Lost in the clouds

Let’s try a waterfall-ish order/narrative.

  1. Requirements
  2. Design
  3. Development
  4. Testing
  5. Operations


  1. Cloud? Why? Because nobody can do on-premises/data-center like they (viz AWS) do: provisioning, maintaining, scaling…
  2. The following requirements/features are non-functional, or quasi orthogonal to functional — I like calling them “quality of service” aspects.
  3. Web scale: on the WWW, applications often need to scale way beyond the limits of any single computer. This changes everything.
  4. High availability
  5. Data storage and processing
  6. AI/ML (separately?)


  2. Architectural patterns

Web scale

  1. Discussion on FB /groups/nodejsisrael: 2017-03-11: Socket.IO with multiple instances…
  2. Discussion on FB /groups/333835286759233: 2018-11-12 (Hebrew): 3.5TB on MySQL?
  3. Big data (separately?)

High availability

  1. Obsessing Over Availability is Dumb / Randall Degges, 2015
  2. Backup & recovery of infrastructure services / Michael Hausenblas, 2016-12-31: about snapshot the content of ZooKeeper & etcd, etc.

Data lake

  1. Hadoop HDFS’s Logical Successor / Jonathan Symonds, 2019-08-13: Hadoop/HDFS is dead.

You don’t need microservices

  1. Microservices — Please, don’t
    1. Discussed on Reddit /r/programming: 2016-12-15
  2. Do you really need microservices? / James Blizzard, 2019-07-01
    1. Discussed on Reddit /r/programming: 2019-07-03
  3. just because you can put anything in containers doesn’t mean you should put everything in containers (tweet) / seasonally affected server
  4. new post: You must be this tall to use microservices (tweet) / Martin Fowler
  5. Types of headache (image) (humor)
  6. Distributed big balls of mud / Simon Brown, 2014-07-06: in-process components instead.
  7. Discussion on Reddit /r/programming: Whatever micro-services can do, monolith can do it better, 2017-04-07
  8. Startups: tech debt is ok because there might not be a future. Also startups: we need microservices and k8 because future growth (tweets thread) / Avishai Ish-Shalom, 2019-06-16
  9. Discussion on FB /groups/nodejsisrael: 2017-08-06 (Hebrew): don’t start development (POC, MVP) as microservices — wait for success/scale, then refactor. Discussion…

… Or do you?

  1. you’re doing it wrong. microservices aren’t for scaling. they’re so that devs won’t have to work in the same codebase as their colleagues (uber was really good at that, with 0.7 µservices/engineer). (tweets thread) / Shay, 2019-06-16
  2. The Hardest Part About Microservices: Your Data / Christian Posta, 2016-07-14; slides
  3. Building Microservices? Here is what you should know: discussion on Reddit /r/programming, 2016-12-27
  4. Organizational structure, Microservices and Conway’s Law / Serhiy Masyutin, 2018-05-14
  5. Avoiding Alerts Overload from Microservices / Sarah Wells at QCon London, 2017-04: change how you think about monitoring.
  6. Reddit /r/microservices
  7. Discussion on Reddit /r/programming: Microservices: Pop Culture Architecture?
  8. Discussion on Reddit /r/programming: Microservices. The good, the bad and the ugly
  9. Data consistency across Microservices / Denise Schlesinger, 2018-07-28: microservices come with many pain points deriving from its distributed nature. Microservices communication patterns: service-to-service communication, API gateway, aggregate data at the client side, events bus.
  10. Discussion on Reddit /r/programming: Do you really need microservices? : programming
  11. Mastering Chaos – A Netflix Guide to Microservices (video)


  1. Software architecture
  2. SOA: microservices, REST?
  3. Tiers
  4. Running Elasticsearch on Kubernetes / Itamar Syn-Hershko, 2019-04-09: nice intro to K8s, especially when not to use it.
  5. From Microliths to Microsystems (video) / Jonas Boner, 2017-04-24; slides: aphorism ridden, iconoclastic — hopefully will rattle your misconceptions.
  6. Microservice Architecture: All the Best Practices You Need to Know
  7. Webinar: Intro to Hybrid App Architecture (video)
  8. Discussion on FB /groups/ 2017-04-19: auto-scaling, sticky sessions, WebSockets…
  9. CQRS, caching, web tier, stale data…
  10. 5G?!


Patterns are higher level code.

  1. Extract, transform, load (ETL) / Wikipedia
  2. CQRS Explained / Péter Márton, 2017-01-31
  3. Clarified CQRS, 2009-12-09
  4. A pattern language for microservices
    1. Pattern: Saga instead of 2PC, 2018-12?
    2. Saga Pattern | How to implement business transactions using Microservices – Part I | The Couchbase Blog


  1. Dependencies
  2. Containers
  3. Debugging
  4. Using Kubernetes for Local Development — Minikube – Aymen El Amri
  5. Helm – The Kubernetes Package Manager
  6. Package Kubernetes Applications with Helm

Docker… before K8s

  1. Discussion on Reddit /r/devops: Tell me about your microservices, 2016-03-06: early (obsolete, primitive?) days/talk, when Docker was still talked about, deployments to cloud(s), tho hardly at scale.
  2. Discussion on FB /groups/ 2018-08-19: why is everyone suddenly using Alpine in docker containers?
  3. Discussion on FB /groups/ 2018-10-16: testing your images…
  4. Discussion on FB /groups/ 2018-10-16: Docker in Docker…


  1. Testing
  2. DevSecOps
  3. GitOps


  1. Five Software Testing Best Practices for the DevOps Age / Lanier Norville, 2018-09-20
  2. Testing Microservices, the sane way / Cindy Sridharan


  1. Kubernetes ConfigMaps and Secrets / Sandeep Dinesh, 2017-07-14: moving to environment variables. Part 2, 2017-08-09: moving away from environment variables.
  2. Can Kubernetes Keep a Secret? It all depends what tool you’re using
  3. Managing Secrets for Kubernetes with Kamus with Omer Levi Hevroni | Screaming in the Cloud
  4. CDS19 Workshop: Securing container delivery with open source tools / Travis Jeppson, 2019-06-24
  5. Hey OPA community! We’d like your guidance. We made a short survey about how OPA is used to manage policies in @kubernetesio. Please have a look – It only takes a couple minutes (promise!). Thanks for your time and support! (tweet) / Open Policy Agent


  1. Provisioning
  2. Orchestration
  3. Auto-scaling
  4. Monitoring (aka observability)
  5. Serverless: less server
  6. Ideas about how to use AWS / Julia Evans, 2016-11-16: why can’t we be as easy to use as Heroku?
  7. Maybe You Don’t Need Kubernetes / Matthias Endler, 2019-03-21: it comes with a price tag. Alternative: Nomad.
  8. What Is Distributed Tracing / Steve Flanders, 2019-06-12
  9. Make damn sure you need the […] complexity you are about to take on, because […] there will be pain, and nothing comes for free.
  10. Service mesh
  11. CLI
    1. kops
    2. eksctl


  1. Docker registry
  2. Infrastructure as Code
  3. Helm
  4. Discussion on FB /groups/ 2019-08-04: comparison table for the Helm chart deployments.

Infrastructure as Code

  1. Discussion on Reddit /r/devops: Solving the terraform monolith challenges, 2019-01-18: logical business separation, separate Terraform repos, namespacing, query AWS in the configuration stage, Ansible, GitOps, Terraform security, multi-cloud build strategy…
  2. am i the only one who feels “infra-as-code” tools are going backwards? HCL feels like crooked banged up puppet; ppl are writing thousands lines of json and YAML by hand. completely gave up on testability and reporting. forget about abstraction, composition. (tweet) / Avishai Ish-Shalom

Orchestration, Kubernetes

  1. Kubernetes Networking Options
  2. why-i’
  3. 10 Most Common Reasons Kubernetes Deployments Fail (Part 1)
  4. Discussion on FB /groups/ 2019-04-23: how to run on local developer machines?
  5. Discussion on FB /groups/ 2017-07-27: compare Kubernetes based “opinionated” container management?
  6. Kubernetes at GitHub | GitHub Engineering
  7. Deis | The Kubernetes Company
  9. The full-time job of keeping up with Kubernetes
  10. A few words on Docker and Kubernetes / Eran Shaham, 2018-05-30: intro to Docker and Kubernetes. Too basic.
  11. Google takes a step back from running the Kubernetes development infrastructure | TechCrunch
  12. Discussion on FB /groups/ 2018-11-18: how to provision (non-managed) autoscaling Kubernetes clusters in the cloud?
  13. KubeSail | Get a free Kubernetes Cluster, instantly
  14. Discussion on Reddit /r/devops: Version control for Kube resources but what about secrets? : devops
  15. Running Kubernetes locally on Linux with Minikube – now with Kubernetes 1.14 support – Kubernetes
  16. Discussion on FB /groups/ 2019-04-15: Fargate, K8s, ECS, EKS, AWS roadmap…
  17. Stack Labs – Blog | Kustomize – The right way to do templating in Kubernetes
  18. Discussion on FB /groups/ 2019-05-13: how long does it take to create a new Kubernetes cluster in your org?
  19. Kubernetes and the future of as-Code Systems – CloudARK
  20. You don’t need a doctorate to run an application on K8s 😊 Enjoy the Introducing to Rio — A MicroPaas for Kubernetes by @Rancher_Labs’ founders @smw355 and @ibuildthecloud: #Kubernetes #Rancher (tweet) / Kubernauts
  21. Discussion on Reddit /r/node: Middleware and utility functions to help you prepare your Node.js application for production
  22. I’ve upgraded GKE to 1.13 and boom 💥 Istio went from 1.0 to 1.1. Then policy and mixer went into crash loop backoff, galley responded with TLS handshake timeouts and same with the gateway. Like all distributed systems, restarting things in a **specific** order fixed it (tweet) / Stefan Prodan


  1. Kubernetes Monitoring – Netsil


  1. What is serverless?
  2. CNCF Serverless Whitepaper v1.0: describes a new model of cloud native computing enabled by emerging “serverless” architectures and their supporting platforms. Too many example use cases. Comparison of three models, in order of increasing abstraction away from the actual infrastructure: CaaS, PaaS, FaaS. Covers (touches, at least) lots of issues involved. Specifies processing model, lifecycle, requirements…
  3. 30K Page Views for $0.21: A Serverless Story – FMLnerd, 2016-08-16: There are indeed servers running […] that I don’t have to know. Specific use case, quite complex, successful nevertheless.
  4. For the “serverless still has servers” crowd: Just read server in context as a verbified noun meaning “to manage servers”. Serverless == Manage Servers Less (frequently) “Firebase helps me serverless.” “I serverless than I used to.” (tweet) / Michael Bleigh, 2018-08-01
  5. Let serverless solve the technology problems you don’t have / Phillip Manwaring, 2017-03-29: spend less time on technology problems. But, hype-ish, marketing brochure promises. (And he wasn’t around for AppEngine?)
  6. Reasons Not To Use Firebase / Baptiste Jamin, 2016-09-18
  7. Seems like FaaS is nice for some things, but often too restrictive to be useful.
  8. FunctionScript/functionscript-server: Example using the FunctionScript gateway to serve APIs via Heroku
  9. ZEIT
  10. Discussion on Reddit /r/aws: Serverless Framework now supports full lifecycle on AWS : aws
  11. MadSkills-io/fullstack-serverless: Serverless Plugin – Simplify creating a full stack serverless web app
  12. Serverless Challenges We Need to Overcome – The New Stack
  13. Serverless Defines the Cost of Operations to Run Software Like a Starbucks – The New Stack
  14. Did a little playing with @Netlify functions and the dev cli tonight. Probably goes without saying but it was amazing. I’m blown away every time I use their products. (tweet) / Colin Key, 2019-08-05
  15. How to build observability into a serverless application / Yan Cui, lecture at Craft Conference; video/slides: observability vs monitoring; serverless: no access to OS, no background processes; latencies; data loss; asynchronous; use AWS CloudWatch Logs and Lambda; use JSON; debug level logging; sampling; metrics…
  16. Discussion on Reddit /r/node: Tutorial – Deploying a Node.js app to AWS Lambda made easy : node
  17. Serverless: What You Need to Know –
  18. Discussion on Reddit /r/devops: Serverless DevOps: What do we do when the server goes away? (book) : devops
  19. Discussion on Reddit /r/devops: Why no serverless framework chatter? : devops
  20. Videos: Master Serverless! + Dynamic Generators | the New Dynamic
  21. Functions as a Service (FaaS)
  22. Up | Deploy serverless apps in seconds
  23. CNCF WG Serverless Landscape
  24. The Ten Most Critical Risks for Serverless Applications v1.0: injection, authentication, configuration, permissions, dependencies…
  25. Building an Open Source Mixpanel Alternative. Part 1: Collecting and Displaying Events | Statsbot Blog

AWS Lambda

  1. Serverless – The Serverless Application Framework powered by AWS Lambda, API Gateway, and more
  2. How We Reduced Lambda Functions Costs by Thousands of Dollars
  3. Discussion on FB /groups/ 2018-02-09: feedback for blog post about managing Lambdas.
  4. Lumigo
  5. Common Serverless Errors: compilation of some of the most common Serverless Framework AWS errors and how to fix them; open source repo.
  6. RafalWilinski/hybrid-load-balancing: Hybrid Load Balancing between EC2 and Lambda example with Serverless Framework
  7. Discussion on Reddit /r/aws: [HELP/ADVICE] Best ways/examples of testing lambda functions : aws
  8. Discussion on Reddit /r/aws: PSA: Lambda Execution Environment Update : aws
  9. Claudia.js
  10. Discussion on Reddit /r/aws: Accessing a locking singleton from concurrent Lambdas : aws


  1. Apache OpenWhisk is a serverless, open source cloud platform
  2. Openwhisk Serverless Architecture – IBM Bluemix


  1. Introduction to Knative – Paul Czarkowski
  2. Knative
  3. Knative | Pivotal
  4. Knative | GitHub
  5. Knative  |  Google Cloud

Service mesh

  1. thread on “service meshes” and distributed system software complexity (tweets thread) / Matt Klein, 2019-06-24
  2. I evaluated K8s and, for the size of my small shop, the overhead was ridiculous. Not interested in adopting what amounts to (for us) a bloated piece of ‘middleware’ […]
  3. Coming from puppet for CM I’ve seen kubernetes as much simpler to manage […]
  4. Network Service Mesh
    1. What is Network Service Mesh? A guide to core concepts
  5. Kubernetes: Standardized Glossary
  6. Linkerd or Istio? –
  7. Kiali, a developer journey — Day 1, some background


  1. CNCF Serverless WG

Wait, I’m still going over these…

  1. An old blog post I wrote in like 2012 resurfaced on Hacker News. It’s not wrong, distributed systems ops remains hard, but these days the solution is easier: just get your distributed systems as a service from the people who wrote them, and whose business is keeping them up. (tweet) / Jay Kreps
  2. Kubernetes at DH: A journey from YAML headaches to Helm bliss – Blog at Delivery Hero
  3. BadgeApp
  4. K8s scheduling — deep dive – Tsahi Duek
  5. The Seven Deadly Sins of Microservices (Redux)
  6. solo-io/squash: The debugger for microservices
  7. Kontena – The Developer Friendly Container & Microservices Platform
  8. Managing SSH host keys in a reliable way – Emerald Reverie
  9. How ReadMe Went From SaaS To On-Premises In Less Than One | StackShare
  10. Docker in Production: A History of Failure – The HFT Guy
  11. Think inside the box | Better world by better software
  12. Now: realtime global deployments
  13. Discussion on FB /groups/ 2016-12-22: memory leak(?) running Centos 7 and docker containers serving gitlab CI?
  14. How Nextdoor made a 10x improvement in release times with Docker and Amazon ECS
  15. ReproducibleBuilds – Debian Wiki
  16. SeaLights says…
  17. labs/ at master · docker/labs
  19. Jessie Frazelle’s Blog: Setting the Record Straight: containers vs. Zones vs. Jails vs. VMs
  20. Continuous Deployment of a Dockerized Node.js Application to AWS ECS – Semaphore
  21. Discussion on Reddit /r/programming: Moby – The Container System Framework : programming
  22. checkr/codeflow: Open source event based Platform as a Service
  23. The Linux cloud swap that spells trouble for Microsoft and VMware • The Register
  24. Discussion on Reddit /r/devops: Infrastructure Orchestration? : devops
  25. Sysdig | Container isolation gone wrong
  26. Choosing the Right Containerization and Cluster Management Tool – DZone Cloud
  27. Discussion on Reddit /r/webdev: Best way to get familiar with Docker? : webdev
  28. Introducing BDDA, the infrastructure workflow we use for Kubernetes – Atlassian Developers
  29. explain docker in 140 characters or less without stupid shipping container metaphors.” (tweet) / 0operator
  30. Discussion on Reddit /r/webdev: 6 Docker Basics You Should Completely Grasp When Getting Started : webdev
  31. Discussion on Reddit /r/devops: Configuring Immutable Infrastructure : devops
  32. Discussion on Reddit /r/devops: Jenkins testing with multiple containers : devops
  33. Discussion on FB /groups/ 2017-12-04: SaltStack vs Terraform?
  34. Once upon a time, they thought they could rule the world #KubeCon (tweet) / @cloud_opinion
  35. Kubernetes Service Mesh
  36. Discussion on Hacker News: The Kubernetes Effect
  37. Migration overview | Docker Documentation
  38. Flatpak Frequently Asked Questions
  39. Discussion on Reddit /r/aws: ELB alternatives : aws
  40. Discussion on Reddit /r/node: What’s the win in dockerizing a node app? : node
  41. flant/dapp: Утилита для реализации и сопровождения процессов CI/CD
  42. Discussion on Reddit /r/aws: Looks like EKS is going GA tommorow : aws
  43. Discussion on Reddit /r/netsec: WhaleTail – Generates Dockerfile that created a Docker Image : netsec
  44. Another reason why your Docker containers may be slow / Maxim Leonovich, 2018-04-04: a debugging story.
  45. awesome-kubernetes/ at master · ramitsurana/awesome-kubernetes · GitHub
  46. An Open Source Load Balancer for OpenShift – OpenShift Blog
  47. רשמים ראשונים מכנס 2018 HashiCorp | ALMtoolbox בלוג חדשותALMtoolbox בלוג חדשות
  48. weaveworks/scope: Monitoring, visualisation & management for Docker & Kubernetes
  49. Discussion on Reddit /r/devops: Could someone please ELI5 Cloud Foundry? : devops
  50. Discussion on Reddit /r/devops: [DOCKER | CI/CD] Why push images to a registry in a deploy stage? : devops
  51. 10 Docker Image Security Best Practices | Snyk
  52. Discussion on Reddit /r/node: Use Docker to Create a Node Development Environment : node
  53. Discussion on FB /groups/ 2019-03-20: Terraform, K8s, deployment…
  54. Discussion on Reddit /r/devops: Recommendations for persistent shared storage for multiple docker hosts : devops
  55. Discussion on Reddit /r/devops: CD tools Drawbacks : devops
  56. Discussion on Reddit /r/devops: how do you deploy code into a container? : devops
  57. N|Solid is Now Available for Google Cloud Run – NodeSource
  58. .@Docker is currently on work on incorporating a #ServiceMesh into the Docker Engine — First step is an ingress controller, based on #Istio. “There are sets of concerns that the service mesh addresses, and it is our job to simplify it.” –@thinklets #Dockercon… (tweet) / The New Stack
  59. What is Service Mesh or Istio? – YouTube
  60. Managing Kubernetes and OpenShift with ManageIQ – Alissa Bonas – YouTube
  61. Automated canary deployments with Flagger and Istio
  62. Service mesh with Istio and Kiali Open Conf Athens 2019 – Speaker Deck
  63. Linkerd (@linkerd) | Twitter
  64. Craft Conference
  65. Codefresh
  66. Containers #101 Intro to Docker basic commands search pull run commit etc & Docker Hub HD – YouTube
  67. CloudEvents
  68. Oops, We Forgot to Build a Managed Kubernetes Service!
  69. CapRover · Build your own PaaS in a few minutes!
  70. Unpopular(?) opinion: using docker for development environments is more trouble than it’s worth. It provides yet another failure vector, any problems are impenetrable to most developers, and it slows down feedback loops. (tweet) / Justin Searls
  71. I finally found a way to manage my solc versions: docker images. If you want the 0.4.24 version, go to your sources directory and run: $ docker run -v $(pwd):/sources -it –entrypoint /bin/sh ethereum/solc:0.4.24 This will start the docker container into `sh`. (tweet) / Daniel Luca
  72. Discussion on Reddit /r/programming: From Docker Container to Bootable Linux Disk Image : programming
  73. maybe containers were a mistake (tweet) / jessie frazelle
  74. kcleaner — A CLI for cleaning up kubernetes config files
  75. Possibly awesome? Oh, it’s definitely awesome. XD Thanks for the love, @arschles!!… (tweet) / Open Policy Agent
  76. Discussion on Reddit /r/devops: reddit: the front page of the internet
  77. ctop is so awesome! ( Watch @gerhardlazu use it like a DBA 👀… (tweet) / Changelog
  78. Discussion on Reddit /r/devops: Introducing Lazydocker, a terminal GUI for docker! : devops
  79. The Container Security Book / Michael Hausenblas, Paavan Mistry, version 0.1, 2019-06-24, very incomplete, yet: link to download PDF (24 pp); repo on GH contains Markdown sources. TOC (PDF).
  80. Istio / General FAQ
  81. Linkerd or Istio? – / Diógenes Rettori, 2019-04-25
  82. Akka: Actor Model on the JVM.
  83. Fighting Ebola with JavaScript – net magazine
  84. Bits or pieces?: Why the fuss about serverless?
  85. Behold the Cloud of Clouds: The Intercloud – IEEE Spectrum
  86. How We Knew It Was Time to Leave the Cloud | GitLab
  87. Run Express server in your browser | Better world by better software
  88. How we learned to stop worrying and love the proxy – Turbine Labs
  89. The AWS and MongoDB Infrastructure of Parse: Lessons Learned
  90. High-Performance Backend-as-a-Service | Baqend
  91. Stacking Theory for Systems Design
  92. Evolution of Business Logic from Monoliths through Microservices, to Functions
  93. Completing the Netflix Cloud Migration
  94. Moving between different CDN providers – Knowledgebase – GlobalDots
  95. How Discord Indexes Billions of Messages
  96. The million dollar engineering problem
  97. Interprocess Communication in NodeJS – Sessions by Pusher
  98. Incident Summary: 2017–03–16 – Square Corner Blog
  99. sbruno81/rets-client: Node.js RETS Client (Real Estate Transaction Standard)
  100. Discussion on FB /groups/ 2017-03-31: Go and scale.
  101. Discussion on Reddit /r/node: Node js Multiple Server Architecture. : node
  102. How We Built r/Place – Upvoted
    1. Discussion on Reddit /r/programming: How We Built r/Place : programming
  103. Discussion on Reddit /r/node: Strategies for Propagating Document Updates : node
  105. Discussion on Reddit /r/aws: Opinions on going serverless for a startup? (E.g. user authentication, registration, push notifications, etc) : aws
  106. Building a NodeJS web server with HAProxy and Let’s Encrypt on Debian Stretch
  107. How do you cut a monolith in half? — programming is terrible
  108. Discussion on Reddit /r/devops: server infrastructure scalability: configuration management vs orchestration vs immutables (amis)? : devops
  109. How CircleCI Processes 4.5 Million Builds Per Month – | StackShare
  110. Discussion on FB /groups/ 2017-07-26 (Hebrew): MQTT Brokers…
  111. Autoscaling based on request queuing – Square Corner Blog
  112. Discussion on Reddit /r/node: Looking for an API server code review : node
  113. Discussion on FB /groups/nodejsisrael: 2017-10-18 (Hebrew): connections to Mongo from microservices: one? Pool? You’re doing it wrong?
  114. josk
  115. Discussion on Reddit /r/programming: Why does one NGINX worker take all the load? : programming
  116. go-ego/riot: Go Open Source, Distributed, Simple and efficient Search Engine
  117. Discussion on Reddit /r/devops: Help with Database Automation : devops
  118. Community | Wallaroo Labs
  119. Fearless Concurrency in Firefox Quantum – The Rust Programming Language Blog
  120. Building a Fast Search Experience
  121. osquery Across the Enterprise – Palantir
  122. Microservice Architecture: All the Best Practices You Need to Know | Coding Sans
  123. a10n — L10n Automation
  124. Discussion on Reddit /r/devops: opnfv… this the next big thing? How much impact will it have? : devops
  125. Postmortem of Service Outage at 3.4M CCU
  126. assafg/osiris: Simple Event Sourcing for NodeJS
  127. Migrating to Kubernetes with zero downtime: the why and how
  128. Discussion on Reddit /r/aws: ELB alternatives : aws
  129. Discussion on Reddit /r/aws: What is the best way to Scale-In an autoscale group based on the sum of visible messages in multiple SQS queues? : aws
  130. Time to “Hello, World”: running Node.js on VMs, Containers, Apps, and Functions
  131. How we saved over $240K per year by replacing Mixpanel w/ BigQuery, Dataflow & K8s
  132. Discussion on Reddit /r/devops: Noob: How to correctly use load balancers to scale a system? : devops
  133. Discussion on FB /groups/nodejsisrael: 2018-09-16 (Hebrew): CPU intensive vs responsiveness.
  134. מפגש בנושא זרימה של מידע באמצעות Kafka וSpark
  135. Discussion on Reddit /r/devops: Serverless DevOps: What do we do when the server goes away? (book) : devops
  136. A thread about handling deletes in distributed systems. You’d think that deleting a piece of data would be straightforward. As long as you’re talking about deleting something on a single computer, it’s not that hard. But once you add a network, the fun begins. (tweet) / Jan Lehnardt
  137. On Monoliths and Microservices –
  138. SCS: Self-Contained Systems
  139. Discussion on FB /groups/ 2018-12-30: millisecond-scale scaling? Docker strategy (pre-warming), alternatives…
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