LevelUP: Promises, Promises…

Promisifying LevelDB in Node to escape callback hell…



Notes towards…


Express Authentication

Authentication (and authorization?) with Express for RESTful APIs.

As usual with Node, too many existing solutions — and their documentation sucks.


Template for Request for Proposal, Requirements & Design Specifications

Been cloning this document for so long, so many times…



And… yet another web app. A POC, or MVP, pivot, all this biz speak. Idea (“hypothesis”) was to do a catalog, user generated content (UGC), semi-structured (folksonomies, but with added semantics), which can then be drilled down, interactively, in un/foreseeable ways. Nu, I had some ideas.

Anyway, Paula Borowska explains MVP goals/principles well:


HTML Templating: CoffeeCup? Teacup!

Neat! Would’ve used Jade, but CoffeeCup is maybe even…

I’ve used CC with Zappa before, and now integrating it into Constitution.


Yet Another Web App

Years now, it seems, I’ve been building countless web apps using mostly the same technologies and some variations. Time to make an official platform?


LevelDB in Node: Resources

My “map” for the (scary and exciting, iconoclastic zeitgeist/post-modern) LevelDB/Node maze.


Async Script Loading and FB SDK

For yet another web app, that requires a Facebook OAuth login, I deviated from FB’s code examples and bumped into a race condition!


EyeRecorder: Chromium Extension for Disabled, Eye Tracker Users

Was a great hackathon! Too much fun, as always.

Focus was EyeWriter, a hacked device and driver for cheap/DIY eye tracking, to assist ALS patients, and others. Team (Maaike, Jan, Anna, Yossi, and I) set out to extend Oren’s eyewriter-chrome-ext, a Chrome extension to facilitate browsing with EyeWriter devices, and ended up forking other repos to create EyeRecorded (my fork), essentially a macro recorder for web page events.