Playing with Google Glass at Hack2Wear

Hackathon was fantastic, as usual, too much fun… Wrote a nice Google Glass web app, used it to run our presentation at the end. ;o)

(Code‘s on GitHub, obviously.)


Node on WebFaction

Trials and tribulations… Continued

Ghost of WordPress

I’m sick of WP. Began blogging (meh, drafting) using Ghost, but I hate it. They call Markdown WYSIWYG! Einstein was right: stupidity is infinite indeed.

Grunt Rants

Crazy how hard it is to start projects from scratch, and pick the best modern technologies. Seems like always someone’s already made a bad choice I then have to deal with. Continued

SQL with Node

Yuck. But, got small customized project integrating with “legacy” stuff (eg, Django ;o).

$#@! this Node ecosystem, there’s a gazillion modules for everything! Which do I want?


Poor Man’s List Filter — Dissected

A quick-and-dirty list filter. Praise God (jeresig? ;o) for jQuery!

Sure, there are a gazillion plugins for this, that usually do too much, but anyway, here’s what so few lines of jQuery code can do…


Touch vs Mouse (Bookmarks)



Weinre: Remote Firebug

Weinre provides a Firebug-like (WebKit’s Web Inspector) remote interface in pure JavaScript! And it was so easy to setup.

I’m developing web apps that will run on set-top boxes (STB), and everywhere else, of course. The browsers have no JavaScript consoles, no Firebug, sometimes there isn’t even a keyboard attached. And lots of (in)compatibility problems$#@!



Bookmarks and notes…


Twenty Twelve Landing Page

Isn’t WordPress overkill for a startup’s “coming soon” page? Yeah but: would need a brochureware site soon enough, and subscribing for notifications? So, no, WP it must be. (The core web app would obviously run on a “real” back-end — Node, NoSQL… the cool stuff.)

But, first things first, just a landing page.