Problems with Dynamic Headers Plugin

I didn't even notice, but the client insisted this tiny flash of unstyled content (FOUC) glitch is irritating. Nu, so I began investigating…


  1. Site uses an old (ancient) theme: Weaver, aka Twenty Ten Weaver.
  2. But apparently blame is with a plugin that overrides the theme's header: Dynamic Headers.


  1. Plugin hasn't been updated since 2010-10. Two years!
  2. Its forum has since been accumulating unanswered questions and complaints.
  3. This plugin violates quite a few other guidelines… and browsing through the code I can't help but smell unsanitized inputs — a security vulnerability.

Two problems

  1. img dimensions (width/height attributes of HTML element) missing, causing a reflow after image file downloaded. (Reported already.)
  2. SWF parameters: hardcoded white background color causing a flash (pun unintended) when Flash object renders.


Too much(?) of this plugin's choices and execution I don't like.

  1. Separate DB table instead of built in media? Does it clean up properly?
  2. Duplicate media upload code?
  3. Separate directory for uploads, requires manual creation and setting permissions.
  4. Ugly PHP
  5. IIRC, WP recently (since 3.4?) has new header mechanisms?


I ended up patching the code to prevent these FOUCs. An ugly five minutes hack following an hour of squirming. This plugin just isn't worth the effort?

The real world is a special case