PyWeb-IL #22 Tag Cloud

  1. PyWeb-IL today was, as usual, exhilarating.
  2. Stormy arguments about a mind boggling torrent of buzzwords: eco-systems, Django, WordPress, migrations, South, Flask, Dancer, Rails, Ruby, DSLs, Pylons, concurrency, Twisted, Node.js, ExtJS, jQuery, DOM manipulation vs UI platform, (py)bidi, mobile, canvas, Bespin, Wave, Haskell vs PHP, phpBB, PostNuke, git, Fabric, Buildout, deployment, provisioning, WebFaction, VPS, Open Wonderland, semantic Web, HAML vs client-side templating, nonrel vs SQL, MongoDB, CouchDB, persistence, stored procedures, Delphi, Sencha Touch.
  3. My latest obsession: how come WordPress is so insanely successful and based on such a rotten foundation?

The real world is a special case