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Cloud Native (Bookmarks)

“Cloud native”: emerging domains and ecosystems. My bookmarks. Mess of. Publishing them to spur myself to… put in order (before everything we know becomes obsolete!).

DOM Templating and Interpolation



Notes towards…

HTML Templating: CoffeeCup? Teacup!

Neat! Would’ve used Jade, but CoffeeCup is maybe even… I’ve used CC with Zappa before, and now integrating it into Constitution.

Yet Another Web App

Years now, it seems, I’ve been building countless web apps using mostly the same technologies and some variations. Time to make an official platform?

LevelDB in Node: Resources

My “map” for the (scary and exciting, iconoclastic zeitgeist/post-modern) LevelDB/Node maze.

Touch vs Mouse (Bookmarks)


NoSQL (Bookmarks)

Bookmarks and notes…


Rocks! From outer space! (Am I playing with fire here? John Allsopp preaches against these trends, and despite my rising from the exact same background, influences, Brooks, Dijkstra, et al, I sense there’s maybe a counter-intuitive paradigm shift exemplified in … Continued

Responsive Web Design

Bookmarks… World Wide Web (WWW) always had worse cross-platform/(in)compatibility challenges than other platforms, because, naturally, it reaches everywhere and every thing. Giving rise to better solutions than most. Nothing new — it’s been called flexible, fluid, adaptive, and now responsive web … Continued