Tag: DOM

Waypoints: Some Points

jQuery.Waypoints (GitHub) is just so cool! But, as always, some traps and pitfalls… Here’s a demo jsFiddle.

Yet Another Collapser.js

Long, deeply nested lists, get unwieldy. I want to interactively collapse/expand them to see an entire level without its sub-lists. This could be a nice enough — simple but not stupid — exercise in programming JavaScript, DOM, jQuery, etc. ;o)

Lightview WordPress Integration

Was trying to integrate Lightview into a WordPress page. It isn’t open source, and code’s obfuscated (WTF?), so I’d never use it myself — but a friend needed help… ;o) Anyway, the grouping feature seems broken, and I can’t “use the source”… … Continued

Adding Placeholders to Contact Forms 7

HTML5 provides a placeholder attribute. How to get CF7 to use it? How to workaround stupid IE with jQuery? Effect we want: show a placeholder in unmodified inputs, hide (delete) it when field gains focus, and restore it on blur … Continued

Fixing Layout Bug in Hacked Arras Theme

Problem is sidebar “drops” in subsequent pages of the home page. Investigating… Using Arras, with a few tweaks, so at first suspected hacked templates. Specific difficulty is common with CSS layouts using floats, but… Weird, this only happens when … Continued