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WordPress is dead (and doesn’t know it yet). Gutenberg is… wrong on so many levels. But, I can’t develop an alternative for this devlog, yet. So, for now, hacking to the rescue! For a specific usecase (slideshow) where I need(?) … Continued

Drupal to WordPress: Migrating Database, URLs, Generating Posts…

The long and winding road of (low-level) migrating content from a Drupal website to WP. Workplan: MySQL and SFTP → SQL → CSV → scripting → import plugin → theme hacking…

Twenty Twelve Landing Page

Isn’t WordPress overkill for a startup’s “coming soon” page? Yeah but: would need a brochureware site soon enough, and subscribing for notifications? So, no, WP it must be. (The core web app would obviously run on a “real” back-end — Node, … Continued

Code Versus Data in Customized WordPress Models

Surprised, at first, that Codex says to (re)register custom post types (CPT) at “init” — an event (WP calls them “hooks”) triggered early in the processing of every request. Custom taxonomies, too. Why repeat this messy setup (WP even registers its … Continued


Crazy mess! Way too many. Looking for a Lightbox clone — specifically a jQuery plugin that pops a slider in a modal “overlay”/dialog, and hopefully a WordPress plugin that integrates it with how media is (best) managed in WP. But, I’d also … Continued

Problems with Dynamic Headers Plugin

I didn’t even notice, but the client insisted this tiny flash of unstyled content (FOUC) glitch is irritating. Nu, so I began investigating…

Yet Another Collapser.js

Long, deeply nested lists, get unwieldy. I want to interactively collapse/expand them to see an entire level without its sub-lists. This could be a nice enough — simple but not stupid — exercise in programming JavaScript, DOM, jQuery, etc. ;o)

Lightview WordPress Integration

Was trying to integrate Lightview into a WordPress page. It isn’t open source, and code’s obfuscated (WTF?), so I’d never use it myself — but a friend needed help… ;o) Anyway, the grouping feature seems broken, and I can’t “use the source”… … Continued

Publishing My Bookmarks

I want to publish bookmarks. Not so much individually, but more in collections, and tagged, to accompany blog posts, eg as bibliography. Requirements Data model: URL (etc), commentary (rich text), tags, timestamp(s), draft flag. Scalability (from a UX perspective, so … Continued

Disabling Pagination in Arras Archives

Removing the pagination links (next/prev) from archive.php:27 was trivial: <div id=”archive-posts”>     <?php arras_render_posts( null, arras_get_option(‘archive_display’) ) ?>          <?php if(function_exists(‘wp_pagenavi’)) wp_pagenavi(); else { ?>         <div>             <div><?php next_posts_link( __(‘Older Entries’, ‘arras’) ) ?></div>    … Continued