Touch vs Mouse (Bookmarks)


DOM API: events


UI/UX aspects

Hover, focus vs click, swipe vs drag, multi-touch…


  1. RobertWHurst/KeyboardJS
  2. JavaScript Touch event or Mouse event – detect and handle according to device | RIA Lab
  3. Detecting touch: it’s the ‘why’, not the ‘how’ ✩ Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog
  4. Modernizr: Touch tests
  5. Touch Events version 1
  6. Event listener
  7. Touch · bebraw/jswiki Wiki
  8. javascript - Detecting that the browser has no mouse and is touch-only - Stack Overflow
  9. The touch events
  10. Files for touch event presentation - ppk
  11. Do we need touch events? - QuirksBlog
  12. Touch And Mouse: Together Again For The First Time - HTML5 Rocks

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