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Playing with Google Glass at Hack2Wear

Hackathon was fantastic, as usual, too much fun… Wrote a nice Google Glass web app, used it to run our presentation at the end. ;o) (Code‘s on GitHub, obviously.)

Node on WebFaction

Trials and tribulations…

TokBox tout de suite

Trying to play around with TokBox (TB) during a hackathon, but I’m missing a more complete tutorial… I mean, their Hello World‘s nice, but a bit sparce for our time frame, and excitement? (TB’s fantastic Evangelist, Ankur, was there to help … Continued


Rocks! From outer space! (Am I playing with fire here? John Allsopp preaches against these trends, and despite my rising from the exact same background, influences, Brooks, Dijkstra, et al, I sense there’s maybe a counter-intuitive paradigm shift exemplified in … Continued

Cake Recipes: Build Automation

Must automate, or script, the tedium of the obscure contortions my CoffeeScript undergoes, repeatedly, over the development life cycle. And Stylus, et cetera. Inhuman mess, so have the machine do it!

Script Loading

Did I ask too much?! All I wanted was to load a jQuery plugin from a bookmarklet. Before I could say “CoffeeScript”, found myself mired in the bog that is dynamic script loading.

Yet Another Collapser.js

Long, deeply nested lists, get unwieldy. I want to interactively collapse/expand them to see an entire level without its sub-lists. This could be a nice enough — simple but not stupid — exercise in programming JavaScript, DOM, jQuery, etc. ;o)


Developing bookmarklet(s) for the Open Knesset (Hebrew) project. Lots of ideas, plans… A simple first version I’m calling OKify (Hebrew) will linkify all familiar strings on a page. Later, embed OKpop, which would open popups instead of just linking, etc. Trials and … Continued