Tag: CSS

Constitution: a Method to the Madness

Systematic web apps development (notes towards…). The method I follow with my still work in progress Constitution stack.

Bmeter: Pure Client Side Single Page App

Hackathon, yay! I was tasked with upgrading the Bchirometer, a simple single page app (SPA), to a narrow (first?) UI, given a bunch of sketches in PNGs. Rewriting, really. Repo was a mess of drafts, and… nu. App uses Open Knesset‘s … Continued

Twenty Twelve Landing Page

Isn’t WordPress overkill for a startup’s “coming soon” page? Yeah but: would need a brochureware site soon enough, and subscribing for notifications? So, no, WP it must be. (The core web app would obviously run on a “real” back-end — Node, … Continued

Waypoints: Some Points

jQuery.Waypoints (GitHub) is just so cool! But, as always, some traps and pitfalls… Here’s a demo jsFiddle.

Responsive Web Design

Bookmarks… World Wide Web (WWW) always had worse cross-platform/(in)compatibility challenges than other platforms, because, naturally, it reaches everywhere and every thing. Giving rise to better solutions than most. Nothing new — it’s been called flexible, fluid, adaptive, and now responsive web … Continued