Bmeter: Pure Client Side Single Page App

Hackathon, yay! I was tasked with upgrading the Bchirometer, a simple single page app (SPA), to a narrow (first?) UI, given a bunch of sketches in PNGs. Rewriting, really. Repo was a mess of drafts, and… nu. App uses Open Knesset‘s … Continued

Mobile Web Unconference

Monday 2011-01-03 saw some 60 (mostly new) faces gather at The Hub Tel-Aviv for a Mobile Web unconference [also FB] orchestrated by Eyal. After his superb presentation on best practices we hacked on code and discussed project ideas in smaller … Continued

Tel-Aviv Perl Mongers Tag Soup

Tel Aviv Perl Mongers today was even worse (than PyWeb): a bunch of geniuses, mind blowing, I don’t dare repeat the soup of abstract concepts, design patterns, and black humor… Way too much fun. I’ve a hunch these guys can … Continued

PyWeb-IL #22 Tag Cloud

PyWeb-IL today was, as usual, exhilarating. Stormy arguments about a mind boggling torrent of buzzwords: eco-systems, Django, WordPress, migrations, South, Flask, Dancer, Rails, Ruby, DSLs, Pylons, concurrency, Twisted, Node.js, ExtJS, jQuery, DOM manipulation vs UI platform, (py)bidi, mobile, canvas, Bespin, … Continued