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DOM Templating and Interpolation



Notes towards…

EyeRecorder: Chromium Extension for Disabled, Eye Tracker Users

Was a great hackathon! Too much fun, as always. Focus was EyeWriter, a hacked device and driver for cheap/DIY eye tracking, to assist ALS patients, and others. Team (Maaike, Jan, Anna, Yossi, and I) set out to extend Oren’s eyewriter-chrome-ext, a Chrome … Continued

Touch vs Mouse (Bookmarks)


Weinre: Remote Firebug

Weinre provides a Firebug-like (WebKit’s Web Inspector) remote interface in pure JavaScript! And it was so easy to setup. I’m developing web apps that will run on set-top boxes (STB), and everywhere else, of course. The browsers have no JavaScript consoles, … Continued

TokBox tout de suite

Trying to play around with TokBox (TB) during a hackathon, but I’m missing a more complete tutorial… I mean, their Hello World‘s nice, but a bit sparce for our time frame, and excitement? (TB’s fantastic Evangelist, Ankur, was there to help … Continued


Notes towards a project…

JavaScript Quirks Reference

<rant>I’m tired of programming languages. Maybe I’ve been around too long. The “new” ones feel so “too little, too late” to me. Never liked being a “language lawyer”, though, regrettably, I get to be one when I’m teaching.</rant> Here’s some … Continued

Script Loading

Did I ask too much?! All I wanted was to load a jQuery plugin from a bookmarklet. Before I could say “CoffeeScript”, found myself mired in the bog that is dynamic script loading.

Yet Another Collapser.js

Long, deeply nested lists, get unwieldy. I want to interactively collapse/expand them to see an entire level without its sub-lists. This could be a nice enough — simple but not stupid — exercise in programming JavaScript, DOM, jQuery, etc. ;o)