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‘Twas brillig

So, decided to hack my own slideshow script, to dynamically turn (some of) these WP posts into slideshows… (Published code on GitLab, even tho it’s kindda idiosyncratic? It’s called Slithy, obviously.)

DOM Templating and Interpolation


Bmeter: Pure Client Side Single Page App

Hackathon, yay! I was tasked with upgrading the Bchirometer, a simple single page app (SPA), to a narrow (first?) UI, given a bunch of sketches in PNGs. Rewriting, really. Repo was a mess of drafts, and… nu. App uses Open Knesset‘s … Continued

Yet Another Web App

Years now, it seems, I’ve been building countless web apps using mostly the same technologies and some variations. Time to make an official platform?

Async Script Loading and FB SDK

For yet another web app, that requires a Facebook OAuth login, I deviated from FB’s code examples and bumped into a race condition!

Quick and Dirty DOM Filtering jQuery Plugin

Another tutorial, re-doing my old poor man’s list filter right, as a generalized plugin.

Poor Man’s List Filter — Dissected

A quick-and-dirty list filter. Praise God (jeresig? ;o) for jQuery! Sure, there are a gazillion plugins for this, that usually do too much, but anyway, here’s what so few lines of jQuery code can do…


Notes towards a project…

Waypoints: Some Points

jQuery.Waypoints (GitHub) is just so cool! But, as always, some traps and pitfalls… Here’s a demo jsFiddle.


Crazy mess! Way too many. Looking for a Lightbox clone — specifically a jQuery plugin that pops a slider in a modal “overlay”/dialog, and hopefully a WordPress plugin that integrates it with how media is (best) managed in WP. But, I’d also … Continued