Tag: Linux

Recovering from ReiserFS/Disk Failures

Awful. Hardware problems are always a nightmare, as expected, been there done that, but still an awful experience. I like the absolute reliability of code, as a mathematical entity.

No Empathy on Public Wi-Fi?

Took me a while to notice, for the signal to rise over Ubuntu’s recent general flakiness, but now I’m confident both Gmail’s and FB’s chats are blocked on the local train. WTF? Net freedoms?

Grief From Check Point’s VPN Thingy

Sure, I’m into disruptive technologies, but, apparently, introducing Linux into a highlow-tech corporation gives the word new meaning. CP’s annoying login thing had us chasing our tails, replacing OpenJDK with Oracle’s (WTF?), running all sorts of scripts as root, etc, … Continued

Dynamic IP

Need to access my home computers when on the road, from my netbook. But ISP assigns me a dynamic IP — seemingly stable, never seen it change, but in principle it might. Usually, I’d use DynDNS‘s free service — a subdomain under homelinux.net, … Continued

KDE Fails to Start

Probably after auto-updating Kubuntu (12.04), something broke. A friend’s machine, so I couldn’t do an in-depth debugging, instead needing a quick, DTSTTCPW fix. KDM does work, we get a login screen, but then an empty X root window, or later, … Continued

Storage Management: Reference

I’ve been using LVM to work around the hassle of constantly changing hard disks, partitions, mounting shared data, etc.