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How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse: Software Engineering for Web Startups

[Lecture slides. Work in progress…] What the WWW was/is/will be all about, software engineering principles pertinent to web development (web=app=mobile), current failures and implications for startups, and maybe attempted forecasts? A serial CTO’s perspective on what makes the world (of … Continued

Bmeter: Pure Client Side Single Page App

Hackathon, yay! I was tasked with upgrading the Bchirometer, a simple single page app (SPA), to a narrow (first?) UI, given a bunch of sketches in PNGs. Rewriting, really. Repo was a mess of drafts, and… nu. App uses Open Knesset‘s … Continued

Playing with Google Glass at Hack2Wear

Hackathon was fantastic, as usual, too much fun… Wrote a nice Google Glass web app, used it to run our presentation at the end. ;o) (Code‘s on GitHub, obviously.)

Touch vs Mouse (Bookmarks)


Weinre: Remote Firebug

Weinre provides a Firebug-like (WebKit’s Web Inspector) remote interface in pure JavaScript! And it was so easy to setup. I’m developing web apps that will run on set-top boxes (STB), and everywhere else, of course. The browsers have no JavaScript consoles, … Continued

Mobile Web Unconference

Monday 2011-01-03 saw some 60 (mostly new) faces gather at The Hub Tel-Aviv for a Mobile Web unconference [also FB] orchestrated by Eyal. After his superb presentation on best practices we hacked on code and discussed project ideas in smaller … Continued