Tag: Python

Drupal to WordPress: Migrating Database, URLs, Generating Posts…

The long and winding road of (low-level) migrating content from a Drupal website to WP. Workplan: MySQL and SFTP → SQL → CSV → scripting → import plugin → theme hacking…

MHTifier and Notes

Needed to hack MHT (MHTML) files under unreal circumstances, trying to inject some sense (viz JavaScript) into the output of a “legacy” BI thingy… Nu.

Dynamic IP

Need to access my home computers when on the road, from my netbook. But ISP assigns me a dynamic IP — seemingly stable, never seen it change, but in principle it might. Usually, I’d use DynDNS‘s free service — a subdomain under homelinux.net, … Continued

Whoosh on Google App Engine

Whoosh was recently patched to work on Google App Engine (GAE), so it does, but we’re seeing a small, consistent, performance problem. Search is annoyingly slow. As always, this challenge has unique constraints — “forces” in patterns speak.


A script I’m writing to extract text from emails in a Gmail mailbox into a single plain text file. Python, IMAP… We’ll use it to record a corpus (hence the ugly name) for the 1,000 Tables event (1KT). Issues Extract … Continued