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Yet Another Web App

Years now, it seems, I’ve been building countless web apps using mostly the same technologies and some variations. Time to make an official platform?

Playing with Google Glass at Hack2Wear

Hackathon was fantastic, as usual, too much fun… Wrote a nice Google Glass web app, used it to run our presentation at the end. ;o) (Code‘s on GitHub, obviously.)

Node on WebFaction

Trials and tribulations…

Dynamic IP

Need to access my home computers when on the road, from my netbook. But ISP assigns me a dynamic IP — seemingly stable, never seen it change, but in principle it might. Usually, I’d use DynDNS‘s free service — a subdomain under homelinux.net, … Continued

Migrating WordPress

Moved this WP (3.0.3) blog from staging in LAN to shared hosting on WebFaction (WF). Scrub “transients” from database — some 400KB of junk, temporary data, to not copy/backup. $ mysql –user=me –password=secret foo_db mysql> delete from wp_options where option_name … Continued