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Adding Placeholders to Contact Forms 7

HTML5 provides a placeholder attribute. How to get CF7 to use it? How to workaround stupid IE with jQuery? Effect we want: show a placeholder in unmodified inputs, hide (delete) it when field gains focus, and restore it on blur … Continued

Fixing Layout Bug in Hacked Arras Theme

Problem is sidebar “drops” in subsequent pages of the home page. Investigating… Using Arras, with a few tweaks, so at first suspected hacked templates. Specific difficulty is common with CSS layouts using floats, but… Weird, this only happens when … Continued

Accordion Menu for WordPress

The navigation menu in our theme Lavender is in the sidebar, and in order to keep it above the fold, at least initially, we want to collapse the nested levels using an accordion effect. Requirements Hierarchical menu Only leaves are … Continued

URL Rewriting in WP

I hate Apache’s mod_rewrite! Trying to set up a dynamic page in WordPress. Need to capture requests of the form /dir/foo/bar/baz, where {foo,bar,baz} are optional. “dir” would be the slug of a page whose template generates dynamic content based on … Continued

WordPress: “Error saving media attachment”

Stupid (useless) error message, ugly (complicated, inconsistent) code, horrible (noisy, and worse) programming language, and… why does it take forever to fix this silly problem? Countless threads, frustrated users, over years. Why? How does this happen? What should be done … Continued

Tweaking a WordPress Theme: Removing Banner Space

Intending to hack this theme (Twist of Ten) to pieces, so have nothing much to gain from overriding with a child theme. Forked it instead by renaming its directory.

Migrating WordPress

Moved this WP (3.0.3) blog from staging in LAN to shared hosting on WebFaction (WF). Scrub “transients” from database — some 400KB of junk, temporary data, to not copy/backup. $ mysql –user=me –password=secret foo_db mysql> delete from wp_options where option_name … Continued

Hello World!

“Welcome to WordPress.” Curiouser and curiouser. This WP is. I’ve been developing with Web technologies many years before WP was born, and have been ignoring it since, but its stellar popularity intrigues me…